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Trigonum sp. z o.o.

We help entrepreneurs and companies to develop, adapt and change depending on the needs, nature and scale of activity, providing them with effective tools: strategy, financing and support in the implementation.

We are a team of interdisciplinary business advisors specialising in strategic planning, research and development projects, financial analytics, human resources and project management. Together with our Clients, we plan and implement development changes in their businesses, focusing on process and product innovations. Our experts provide our Clients with full support at the strategic planning stage, help them in obtaining external financing and in settling the project.

OKE POLAND Sp. z o.o.

We have evolved and continue to evolve into areas of technology such as hybrid TV, Big data in business and other tech solutions which make life more enjoyable, productive and interesting.

Our international teams develop and implement innovative IT solutions for our partners in Europe and the United States.

Through careful observation and listening to the market we continue to develop a timely responsiveness which utilizes cutting edge tools and technology for long term and other interesting projects.


We’re a software house based in Europe specializing in functional programming, distributed computing & data engineering solutions. Our Backend, Frontend, QA, and DevOps teams are ready to design and build the best solutions for your company. We’re focused on results and know that every project needs exactly the right approach.

Most companies are willing to scale their operations but at the same time struggle with the amount of data they have to deal with. At some point, everyone can discover that their current technology stack may not be up to scratch. We collaborate with companies all over the world, supporting small and large enterprises. We effectively increase the efficiency of our client’s engineering teams not only by scaling up, but also by developing applications from scratch and by taking responsibility for the whole project. Our main domains are: Fin-tech, Ad-tech, E-commerce, Blockchain.

Ambient-System Sp. z o.o.

Ambient System is leading Polish provider of modern PA/VA systems to clients worldwide. For more than 25 years Ambient System has been delivering products for high-tech fire safety industry. We specialize in development, manufacturing and delivery of Voice Alarm and Public Address Systems (PA/VA).

While designing our products we use latest technologies enabling us to create solutions featuring intelligent functionality and flexibility that helps to minimize Clients` Cost of Ownership. Ambient System is committed to support our customer`s business performance. Our PA/VA systems are designed and produced in Poland which enables us to provide high quality and substantial flexibility of deliveries while low costs can still be maintained. Our team is continuously improving processes and products to obtain excellent level of customer satisfaction. Our quality system is frequently monitored to increase its effectiveness.