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BetterSolutions S.A

Jesteśmy firmą technologiczną, która specjalizuje się w wytwarzaniu wysokiej jakości systemów ICT.

Jesteśmy firmą technologiczną, która specjalizuje się w wytwarzaniu wysokiej jakości systemów ICT. Nasze innowacyjne rozwiązania poprawiają jakość funkcjonowania firm oraz prowadzą do efektywnego rozwoju biznesu. Koncentrujemy się na systemach informacji przestrzennej, telematyce i kompleksowych rozwiązaniach dla logistyki, rolnictwa, przemysłu i inteligentnych miast.



Our company was founded in 1954 and since its beginnings sets the highest standards in terms of creating solutions in the world of signals and technology. Many years of experience, insightful analysis of the market needs and keeping track of the changing trends and technology, allows us to enjoy the recognition of experts in the teletechnical industry. The highest quality and integration of solutions in the area of signal processing is the objective of our business.

Experience and know-how
Over 60 years of activity on the market has allowed us to acquire and develop competences and unique know-how in the design and manufacture of electronic devices for transmitting signals. Our products and solutions have numerous patents, as well as industrial and use copyrights. We employ over 250 experienced people committed to their work. We have our own section R&D department with scientific and reaserch facilities, as well as qualified engineering personnel, who is constantly looking for new solutions to ensure the highest quality of products and services.

Extensive range of products and services
Formerly telephone centres, and today highly specialized electronic devices used in digital technology to handle the HFC network, optical infrastructure, as well as to receive digital television DVB-T in large collective RTV/SAT installations - is our product offer. It is base for us providinf design services of distribution networks of television signals and data transmission, as well as integration of solutions in these areas.

Complexity of service
We provide our clients with full integration of activities essential to realize their ideas - starting from the analysis of the problem, through the designing stage, all the way to production and delivery of the final solution. At every stage of cooperation we provide the highest standards of service and full technical support. Our advantage is speed of response to emerging Customer needs, in which knowledge of the market and understanding the directions of its development undoubtedly helps us. Thanks to this, we minimise the time required, among others: for preparing offers of cooperation or realization od prototypes and sample series of new products

We are a European company, therefore, in cooperation with foreign Customers, we respect the laws in force in the European Union. Furthermore, in our business will always follow the highest standards of integrity and business ethics. An honest approach to business has allowed us to acquire a number of testimonials our Customers and recommendations of contractors.