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Ambient-System Sp. z o.o.

Ambient System is leading Polish provider of modern PA/VA systems to clients worldwide. For more than 25 years Ambient System has been delivering products for high-tech fire safety industry. We specialize in development, manufacturing and delivery of Voice Alarm and Public Address Systems (PA/VA).

While designing our products we use latest technologies enabling us to create solutions featuring intelligent functionality and flexibility that helps to minimize Clients` Cost of Ownership. Ambient System is committed to support our customer`s business performance. Our PA/VA systems are designed and produced in Poland which enables us to provide high quality and substantial flexibility of deliveries while low costs can still be maintained. Our team is continuously improving processes and products to obtain excellent level of customer satisfaction. Our quality system is frequently monitored to increase its effectiveness.

Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego w Tczewie

The "SCIENCE" Vocational Training Center was established on September 1, 2001. It is a private educational project led by Maria Wasiewicz-Galińska, Eliza Wasiewicz-Pawlaczyk and Christian Wasiewicz.

"SCIENCE" is a non-public school for young people and adults with the rights of a public school:

First Degree Industry School,
Second Degree Industry School,
Secondary school,
Postgraduate Vocational
and the only Vocational Medical School in Tczew


TSTRONIC is a Polish company with a stable market position. Tstronic has been a leading provider of high-quality EMS services for over 25 years.

Our activities are focused on building long-lasting business relationships based on mutual trust, loyalty and honesty.

We achieve a competitive advantage not only based on modern technologies, but also thanks to the knowledge, experience and attitude of our team. We believe that our employees are the greatest capital and a key success factor.

A wide range of services: engineering support from the beginning of the project, purchase of components, printed circuit board assembly in lead-free and leaded technology, cover assembly, applying protective coatings and pouring, optical control, testing, labeling, packing, direct deliveries to any place in the world.

DGT sp. z o.o.

We are a Polish manufacturer of electronic and telecommunications equipment. In cooperation with our clients, we design devices and systems as well as create software. Each project is a challenge for us, which we take up with passion

The main directions of development include integrated dispatcher communication systems of various scales of dispersion and capacity, voice communication systems protected against cyber attacks, ICT devices and systems, as well as devices belonging to the Internet of Things category (e.g. routers and modems), intended for industrial data transmission, which are mainly used in telemetry and telecontrol (Smart Grids).