Smart Specializations

The concept of Smart Specializations aims at indicating areas with a high potential, specializing in selected fields of science and technology, research&development works, and innovative undertak-ings taking part in the region's economic development, but also impacting its competitiveness on a national and international scale. The need for each region to determine a list of such specializations results from the European Commission's guidelines concerning the New Financial Perspective for 2014-2020.

In terms of a competition announced on 14.05.2014 the Pomeranian Voivodeship Government has selected four Pomeranian Smart Specializations (Polish: Inteligentne Specjalizacje Pomorza - ISP). One of them is the "Interactive technologies in an information-saturated environment" Specialization developed in terms of the Interizon Pomeranian ICT Cluster. The PSS agreement has been signed on 28.01.2016.

Interactive technologies


Projects fitting the Pomeranian Smart Specialization, coordinated by the Interizon Cluster, will have a chance to take advantage of preferences concerning access to EU funds on a regional level in terms of the Pomeranian Regional Operational Programme for the years 2014-2020 with the budg-et of EUR 1.8 billion, as well on as national (for example in terms of the Smart Growth Operational Programme) and European levels (Horizon 2020).

The subject scope of the Pomeranian Smart Specialization in the field of Interactive technologies in an information-saturated environment has been defined especially from the point of view of key market segments which fit the field of interest for entities conducting their activity in terms of the specialization and problems (especially technological ones) necessary to be handled in terms of introducing new or perfected products and services to these markets. The range is as follows:

Human-machine interface

Multimodal human-machine interface including:

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems for smart spaces, Internet of Things, including:

Data transmission

Data transmission, databases, data security, processing big data, including:

Space and satellite engineering

Space and satellite engineering Including:

PSS2 priority research directions

PSS2 Council

On 25.03.2016 the Steering Committee of the PSS2 Partnership "Interactive technologies in an information-saturated environment" has appointed the PSS2 Council composed of:

Horizontal undertakings of the PSS2 partnership

Horizontal undertakings are understood as projects or groups of projects which apart from general conditions and criteria of selecting projects for financing, in terms of determined financing sources, meet also the following additional conditions:

List of developed and reported PSS2 horizontal undertakings:

Join us

The PSS2 Council decides about new entities joining the Agreement for PSS2 in the curse of enactment. We request interested entities to fill out the application form and send it to or to apply in person at Fundacja Interizon, Al. Grunwaldzka 472, 80-309 Gdańsk, Olivia Business Centre, Olivia Six, 13th floor.

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