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STAR ITS sp. z o.o.

Asseco Data Systems S.A.

Asseco Data Systems S.A. (ADS) was established in 2016. Through the integration of a variety of skills and many years of experience of nearly a thousand experts and IT specialists in one company, ADS is in the possession of a broad and unique set of solutions, expertise, which allows it to be a reliable partner in the creation, development and maintenance of information systems and specialized services.

The company produces and develops software for, among others, the leasing sector and local governments, based on proprietary and third-party software, as well as solutions for ICT infrastructure and smart cities and buildings. It offers data centers, trainings, and systems for management of human resources, and also specializes in services for safety, data confidentiality, and mass communication. The business is focused on providing services to enterprises and local government administration domestically. The company is also entering foreign markets with its products, i.a.: the European, African and Asian market.

Trigonum sp. z o.o.

We help entrepreneurs and companies to develop, adapt and change depending on the needs, nature and scale of activity, providing them with effective tools: strategy, financing and support in the implementation.

We are a team of interdisciplinary business advisors specialising in strategic planning, research and development projects, financial analytics, human resources and project management. Together with our Clients, we plan and implement development changes in their businesses, focusing on process and product innovations. Our experts provide our Clients with full support at the strategic planning stage, help them in obtaining external financing and in settling the project.

Fido Voice sp. z o.o.

Fido Voice is a lab which has developed the first effective artificial intelligence that detects and prevents violence in the network, protecting, among others, children

The innovative approach of Samurai Labs works thanks to combination of machine learning and reasoning.